Whatever works .


This shit better work


This shit better work

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I don’t trust you

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"Every relationship is messed up. What makes it perfect is if you still want to be there when things really suck."

-Carla, Scrubs / S2 x Ep. 16 (via perfect)

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You didn’t even want to touch me..

Well I fill unattractive now…

"if he isn’t calling you then it’s okay to feel
this destroyed over a boy but remember
he did you a favor i know you think this is
the end but it is also the beginning it is also
cleaning up after yourself you can’t keep
crawling inside other people sooner or later
the heap of clothes at the foot of your bed
is going to stand up on its own and talk back
you can’t just wash your hair in the sink
forever when there are people with real
problems who still remember to recycle
and when did you become so soft? trying
so hard to look sexy in photos that you come
off as confused eating nothing but waffles
is not a diet even if there are blueberries
don’t ask just tell about the kinds of shocking
things you find under your nail beds your
mother warned you about pain that would be
there one day and then gone the next she
warned you about it all"

-Kristina Haynes, “If He Isn’t Calling You” (via fleurishes)
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i miss myself

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i think i am much more of a person than i was a year or two ago, but i haven’t been able to find a way to put that personness into something tangible or writing or anything so to me it just doesn’t exist even though when i think about it i know it does exist and that i have grown it just doesn’t seem that way and i wish i had grown bigger instead of growing in

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"I wonder if you know yet that you’ll leave me. That you are a child playing with matches and I have a paper body. You will meet a girl with a softer voice and stronger arms and she will not have violent secrets or an affection for red wine or eyes that never stay dry. You will fall into her and I’ll go back to spending Friday nights with ones who never learn my last name. I have chased off every fool who has tried to sleep beside me. You think it’s romantic to fuck the girl who writes poems about you. You think I’ll understand your sadness because I live inside my own. But I will show up at your door at 2am, wild eyed and sleepless and try and find some semblance of peace in your breastbone and you will not let me in. You will tell me to go home."


Clementine Von Radics (via ladymegg)

From As Often as Miracles, available here!

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